European Language Label 2017
Tuesday 20 June 2017
cała Polska

16th edition of the European Language Label has started. It’s a competition for teachers and institutions who seek innovative solutions in the area of language learning, create their own didactic materials, and go beyond the study programme.

Have you created an interesting language project? Apply for your chance of winning the European Language Label!

European Language Label (European innovation symbol in the language teaching and learning) is a European quality in language education certificate, awarded in all EU countries. Certificate is awarded for innovative teaching methods and promotes methodological and didactic achievements. It is being awarded in Poland since 2001.

Competition is organised for the 16th time. Organisers are looking for the most interesting and innovative projects in language teaching and learning. It is an opportunity for institutions and teachers who execute original and creative language projects, to win European Language Label certificate. This year’s edition has a special category related to the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+.

To participate in the competition you need to fill out the form and send it by 20 June 2017. The form and more details are available at


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