Our Addvantage member scheme offers you enhanced services and attractive benefits to support your students, teachers and school. Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted and professional organisation.

What is Addvantage?

Addvantage is the British Council’s examinations member scheme for schools, language centres, universities and institutions who register candidates with us each year. It’s our way of saying thank you and to welcome our new customers.

How do I register candidates and become an Addvantage member?

You can become a member of Addvantage if your language centre, school, university or institution registers candidates with us for Cambridge English Qualifications exams and IELTS

It’s easy to start registering your students for exams with the British Council and join Addvantage. We will guide you with your students’ registration and take care of all the exam administration.

  1. Register your candidates for exams quickly and easily with our group registration system Entrynet
  2. Receive all the information and support you need to get started
  3. Start enjoying your membership benefits including the Addvantage member logo from the first day of our partnership
  4. Continue to register candidates each year to renew your membership.

If you would like to receive more information on how to become an Addvantage member and receive a copy of our full brochure, please contact us. We are here to help you get started.

T + 48 12 428 5937
M +48 662 237 380

How does Addvantage work?

Addvantage is available to our current clients and to language centres, schools and institutions who have not collaborated with us before or have not worked with us for a number of years.

To start with, we invite you to join our Addvantage Starter scheme - it will give you the framework and the marketing tools to launch our cooperation. 

After first registrations you will qualify for a tier depending on the number of exams you register with us per year.  As you move up the tiers you will enjoy greater benefits as a thank you for you continuing to choose British Council as your exams.

Join us to use the Addvantage membership logo from the first day of our cooperation:


Why partner with the British Council through Addvantage?

Our heritage.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. 

Our work in English aims to bring high-quality language materials to every learner and teacher who wants them. In developing and post-conflict countries, we teach English and train teachers through radio, web and TV broadcasts. We offer more than three million UK examinations worldwide, helping people gain access to trusted qualifications to support their career and study prospects.

Our expertise.

Over 70 examination boards and educational institutions trust us to deliver their exams around the world. We are recognised for our integrity and professionalism in delivering high-quality exam services and English teaching and training. Our expert level of knowledge and skill in examination management ensures the delivery of exams is 100 per cent secure, transparent and fully compliant with exam board regulations. 

We can organise exam day sessions from small to very large groups of candidates for a wide range of exam dates and locations. Your students can take exams in a modern and comfortable venue or we may be able to organise the exam at your school. The exams we offer are widely known and recognised by schools, universities and employers in Poland and around the world. We are world leaders in delivering computer-based tests.

Your assurance.

When you register your students to take exams with the British Council you will enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted and professional organisation. We care about your students’ success in exams and in their lives beyond the classroom. You can rest assured that we listen to your assessment needs and tailor our exam services to meet them. 

Our dedicated exams team works together with you to make sure the exam registration process runs smoothly. On the day of the exam our highly-trained and approachable staff ensure that everyone’s experience of taking an exam with us is positive and fair. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for children and adults to take exams. 

Your advantage.

As an Addvantage member you will receive an attractive package of benefits and enhanced services according to your membership level along with our commitment to you as one of our partners. Addvantage offers your students and teachers support and training with exam preparation. We provide parents with information and guidance about exams and organise events and competitions to motivate your students and celebrate their success. By working with us you can access opportunities to promote your school and grow your network.

Addvantage is more than just about exams alone. It’s about helping students, teachers and schools perform to the best of their ability and benefit from everything the British Council has to offer from high quality resources for learning, teaching and assessing English to developing cultural relations with the UK. 


What benefits will I receive as an Addvantage member?

Apart from the logo, the schools will receive from us:

• a dedicated programme co-ordinator, supplying the school with handouts, leaflets, presentations and posters throughout the year

• exams discounts and a possibility to organise them at the school

• sets of free past papers

• for candidates taking the B2 First, B2 First for Schools i C1 Advanced exams - free access to LearnEnglish Exams, the British Council online exams platform

• for candidates taking IELTS - free access to Road to IELTS, the online IELTS preparation course

• certificates of co-operation, posters and door stickers to be displayed at school

• invitations to free seminars and webinars for teachers

• other benefits agreed for every school year


What benefits will I receive as an Addvantage Premium member?

In addition, all schools who have registered 31 candidates or more in a given school year will receive:

• a set of books from Cambridge University Press - the official sponsor of the Addvantage member scheme

• access to the on-line teacher training courses and free workshops organised at schools

• certificates for teachers preparing students for the Cambridge Qualifications exams

• discounts for schools’ staff

• a plaque with the Addvantage logo

• an option to invite a British Council’s representative to the certificate award ceremonies

• more exclusive offers and benefits agreed for every school year


About our exam partner

The British Council offers exams on behalf of UK awarding organisations, professional bodies and universities in 95 countries across the globe. We understand the importance of maintaining the quality, integrity and standards of international qualifications and impose a rigorous Quality and Compliance Assessment process to ensure the highest standards of examination administration at all stages of delivery. Our highly-trained and professional staff ensure customer servicing excellence on behalf of the UK awarding bodies we work with and our strong passion for supporting learners and teachers is evident in the services we offer in conjunction with the exam delivery.

One such collaboration with a UK awarding body is our long-standing one with Cambridge Assessment English for their range of Cambridge English Qualifications. Globally, the British Council collaborates with Cambridge Assessment English in 50 countries with the aim of helping people learn English and proving their skills to the world. Cambridge English Qualifications reflect a path towards learning English, step by step. They include a range of exams that motivate people of all ages and abilities to learn English and develop practical skills for the real world. These qualifications are recognised by over 20,000 thousand organisations world-wide.


About the official sponsor of the Addvantage Member Scheme

Cambridge University Press is one of the world’s leading English language teaching publishers. Its ELT materials are used by people in nearly every country in the world to learn and teach English. 

The only official exam preparation materials

Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English have brought together their expertise to develop the official exam preparation materials for Cambridge qualifications and tests. Working in collaboration, they have developed a range of official courses, support materials and practice tests to provide learners and teachers with everything they need to successfully prepare for Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS. Cambridge University Press is the only publisher who develops the official preparation materials for Cambridge exams.

The official sponsor of the Addvantage member scheme

Cambridge University Press collaborates with the British Council in the Addvantage member scheme to support learners and teachers by providing information and convenient access to the official exam preparation materials and more. Addvantage members receive exclusive benefits from Cambridge University Press booksellers and online training courses developed by their teacher development experts which introduce the principles of assessment and teaching of exam levels for Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS.


What do people say about us?

"Being a language school we appreciate the cooperation with the British Council. We treat membership in the programme as something really prestigious. The British Council is a reliable institution, recognized all over the world and for us so far a trustworthy partner to cooperate with in the area of international language examinations.”

“Materials, especially in the form of posters, really draw student and visitors’ attention. They raise the level of trust in a school’s performance. Information about the exams in the form of leaflets is sometimes the only source of reliable information about the importance of British examinations for the development of young people’s professional career, especially in the conditions of smaller towns.”