Last updated: Friday, 05 October 2021

Below you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions while our kids and teens courses are delivered online.

What is Primary / Secondary online course?

Online courses for kids and teens are like face to face classes - with the same teacher and in the same hours. Similar to face to face, the students are asked to do the tasks on Learning Hub platform. The only difference is online delivery - introduced to protect the health of our students.

How is it different from a regular face-to-face class?

English courses online uses the latest version of course content your child has been using since September – only online. Online, students explore the same real-life topics as in their magazines. They learn new language, work together and use their creativity to complete a series of tasks. 

A live online lesson is very similar to a lesson in a physical classroom. But the activities the children do on their own before and after it are a key part of an online lesson. These self-study activities are part of an approach to blended learning – learning that combines independent online study with classroom teaching.

How can I / my child measure their learning progress?

Learning Hub platform allows students, teachers and parents to follow learning progress. Students get instant feedback on the self-study activities they complete, and the student’s personal dashboard allows them, their teacher and their parents to see how much work they have done and how much progress they have made. It is motivating for children to see and measure their progress like this, and together you will be able to celebrate their success and reflect on where they can improve.

What if my child is unable to take these classes?

Online classes will be delivered within the agreed schedule and with the same teacher, so we hope children can attend the classes the same way as face to face. If the child cannot attend due to other reasons, including difficulties with access to needed equipment, please contact your teacher or our Customer Services team.

How will you calculate the number of missed classes?

Since the Covid closure in Spring, we have been working hard to get prepared to smooth transition to online delivery. We are confident, we can introduce online learning in the same time whithout loosing any class, delivering all classes according to the schedule agreed. If there is a case of not delivering the lesson, we will come back with the proposal of new date to make it up or will credit you for the value of the missed classes. 

What technical equipment do I need?

The British Council Primary Plus Online platform can be accessed on desktop, laptops and tablets (when using landscape orientation), via the following operating systems and browsers (either Google Chrome version 73+ or Safari 12+ in combination with iOS 12 and above).

Students joining a live class will also need:

  • a stable minimum 8Mbps internet connection (we recommend an internet speed of 12Mbs or above)
  • a built-in or external microphone 
  • a built-in or external speaker
  • a built-in or external webcam 

NOTE: The platform is not supported on mobile devices. 

How can I access the platform?

Once you have registered with the British Council you will receive your access details via e-mail. Please check you mailbox for the most up-to-date information.

My access details do not work.

If the access details do not work, please click on “forgot password” on the log-in page. The system will send you a temporary password (to the email you used as ‘user’). When you receive the temporary password, you must click on the link in this email to reset the password. 

I was locked out of my account due to failed attempts to log-in. How can I log back in?

If you tried to log in several times, it is most likely that your account has been blocked. You need to for wait 15 minutes and then try to log in again. If that does not work, we advise you to reset your password.

What is the duration of a live lesson?

Online live sessions are the same length as face to face classes.

Is an English learning platform safe for my child?

Please be aware that child protection and security of systems is of primary importance to us. We can ensure security and child protection standards are maintained through a two level system of entrance into the 'live' lesson.

Child Protection
To ensure we maintain these high standards we continue to use our English Online platform as the logon for all our students, which creates the first level of security.
The Zoom lobby function provides a second level of security: the teacher can check the names of all students before they enter the class. Further settings are in place to ensure additional security limiting recording of lessons, person to person chat, etc.

When will you resume the face-to-face English courses at the British Council?

We will only be able to do so when we receive the go-ahead from the Polish authorities. In the meantime, we are confident your child will enjoy their virtual face-to-face classes with their teacher.