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We can organise a variety of teacher workshops for groups of minimum 7 people. Contact us and we can arrange a workshop for the teachers at your school.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of workshops, in two broad areas: 

  • methodological seminars familiarising teachers of English with the content and structure of the Cambridge English Qualifications and the IELTS test
  • tips and advice for teachers of English on teacher's development and class activities

Additionally each participant will receive:

  • training materials
  • a certificate of attendance.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 60 minute seminar is 320 PLN and is calculated for every initiated 30 minutes.

Workshops available

Below are some examples of workshops that we can organise:

Making English Fun: the YLE tests

This seminar consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 - Making English Fun  Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) tests
  • Part 2 - How to prepare your students for the Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) tests?

The course aims to introduce teachers to the YLE tests and provide classroom activities to help develop language skills and prepare students for the YLE tests.

Time duration: 150 minutes.

Boost Your Students' Motivation: A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools

The aims of this seminar is to establish why it is important to take English language exams and why it was felt necessary to introduce Cambridge English: A2 Key for Schools (KET for Schools) and B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools) specifically for the 11-14 age group. Information is also given on how the A2 Key for Schools (KET for Schools) and B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools) examinations are constructed, assessed and administered.

Time duration: 90 minutes.

How to teach and assess Speaking for B2 First

The aim of the seminar is to discuss in detail the four parts of the Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) Speaking Test and to offer participants a range of practical teaching tips. This course looks at the assessment procedures and how to assess candidates’ speaking performance. A handout of the course is provided and throughout the training session participants are encouraged to ask questions on all aspects of the B2 First (FCE) Speaking Test.

Time duration: 150 minutes.

Cambridge Assessment: B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency assessment procedures explained

The aim of the seminar is to present the assessment procedures for B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE), C2 Proficiency (CPE) examinations and to offer participants practice in assessing a candidate's performance. Special attention is paid to the assessment of writing and speaking. The progression of difficulty from B2 First, C1 Advanced i C2 Proficiency is clearly presented, which helps teachers to gain confidence in assessing at different levels. A handout of the course is provided and throughout the training session participants are encouraged to ask questions on all aspects of the Cambridge exams.

Time duration: 90 minutes

Teaching Reading for B2 First and C1 Advanced

The first part of the presentation sets out to remind participants of some basic concepts connected with teaching reading comprehension. Typical examination reading tasks are presented and some suggestions of classroom activities are discussed. In the second half, issues relating to teaching reading are presented. This part of the presentation focuses on stages of the reading process, typical Cambridge ESOL exams and matura tasks, typical exam criteria. Improving the quality of students’ reading is also reviewed.

Time duration: 60 minutes.

Teaching Writing for B2 First and C1 Advanced

The aim of the seminar is to present the changes introduced to the Writing parts of B2 First i C1 Advanced exams from January 2015, and to show how to assess your students' work according to Cambridge guidelines. The second part of the seminar will show how to improve writing skills using a variety of materials, resources and tasks.

Time duration: 90 minutes

IELTS and skills for writing and speaking success

This workshop consists of three 60-minutes sessions:


In this session you will learn details about the IELTS test, how it is marked, what types of student this exam is suitable for and some general tips on preparing your students for the IELTS test.


This session will explain what skills you need to equip your learners to do well in the Academic Writing module as well as practical teaching ideas that are fun and effective.


This session will present a number of activities that will make your students more effective speakers for the speaking module of the IELTS exam and some practical listening activities too. 

Total time duration: 180 minutes