Zajęcia w ramach kursu języka angielskiego dla nastolatków
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Mat Wright

The upcoming session

Month Date Cities
November 16 Warsaw & Cracow


Registration: 9.30

Workshops: 10.00 to 13.30


Warsaw: British Council, Al. Jerozolimskie 59 
Cracow: British Council, Rynek Główny 6, Szara Kamienica


Session 1: Teaching PET/FCE for schools with the British Council Branded online materials

Teaching English to teenage learners can be a challenge. We will show you some creative ways of preparing for the PET/FCE for Schools exams with the British Council’s on-line materials that can be also used in teaching for the Gymnasium test.

Session 2: Teenagers - get active! 

This session will showcase a range of engaging  listening and reading activities to turn your teens from passive to active learners. Be prepared for some fun!

Session 3: Get those teens producing - maximise communication

We know teen learners are keen to communicate and be understood in English. We'll give you top tips for helping your classes speak and write effectively. 


The fee is 120 PLN for one day training.

Teachers from schools taking part in the Addvantage Partnership Programme get 50% discount.

Payment instruction will be sent to you along with confirmation of registration.

Important: You cannot settle the payment in cash on the day of training.


If you are interested in attending the Teachers’ Survival Toolkit workshops, please register by using our online registration webform.

We will confirm the receipt of your registration form by e-mail. You will also receive the instructions for the payment method.

We will contact you one week before the event in order to confirm your participation and the workshops details.

Registration is open up to one week before the planned training date.


The number of places is limited due to the format of the workshop sessions. 

British Council reserves the right to restrict the number of attendees representing one institution as well as to cancel the seminar in the event of an insufficient number of participants registering for the event.

Refunds and cancelations

You can cancel your registration but please bear in mind that:

1. You can apply for a 100% refund of the registration fee if you cancel your attendance at least 7 days before the date of the training i.e. by the registration deadline.

2. If you cancel your attendance in a week prior to the training (after the end of registration), you can apply for 50% refund of the registration fee.

3. If you do not cancel your attendance in advance by submitting an official request form, you are not able to apply for any refund. 

4. In order to cancel your attendance please fill in an official request form and send it via e-mail to