Friday 30 September 2016

As part of Shakespeare Lives program British Council is a patron of the ‘Tender Metropolis’ project.

‘Tender Metropolis’ is a journey shown through experiences and activities of young filmmakers. Shakespearean inspirations will be a kind of mirror that reflects the tension, rhythm and poetics of films portraying contemporary Warsaw and Berlin.

The project is aimed at young screenwriters and filmmakers, who will go through all the stages of creating a short film about memories and experiences of Berlin and Warsaw’s residents. Shakespearean motives will help the filmmakers create the poetics of metropolis as well as ask questions about the contemporary world. 

Screenwriting competition

The scope of the competition is to write a screenplay in English for a short film (up to 10 minutes). The screenplay must be set in Berlin or Warsaw, or - most preferably - in both cities. The screenplay has to employ motives from Shakespeare (i.e. monologues, scenes) and it must not have been filmed before. 

The works have to be submitted by Sept. 25, 2016

Recruiting filmmakers

We are looking for directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, actors, costume and production designers. 

36 participants, divided into three film crews, will take part in the project. Each group will be working on the screenplay they choose. Professional directors will be artistic supervisors of the groups: Agnieszka Gomułka, Konrad Aksinowicz and Roman Przylipiak. 

The participants will also take part in lectures and meetings in Warsaw and Berlin.

Application forms have to be submitted by Sept. 30, 2016


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Tender Metropolis is financed by the City of Warsaw