Monday 22 March 2021 to Sunday 25 April 2021

The Institute of Music and Dance (IMiT) and the British Council are organising dance laboratories addressed to disabled and non-disabled artists. 

The selected group will comprise up to 10 artists.

The leading theme of this year’s laboratories are DUETS. Applications should contain a narrative describing collaboration between two dance artists (this can be an idea, elements of choreography or draft script). The applying duet should explain why they want to work together as artists and what they expect to experience while working on the joint choreography.

The duets can be comprised by artists who both have or have not collaborated with each other in the past. Eligible will be applications from duets where at least one person identifies themselves as disabled artist.

The programme is comprised of two on-site laboratories in Poland in the format of workshops/ coaching sessions. The artists will work on their proposed choreographies with two experienced mentors: Iwona Olszowska, a choreographer, dance artist and lecturer from Poland and Kate Marsh, a disabled dance artist, choreographer and researcher from the UK.

Each laboratory will last for free days. The first will take place in Bytom (4-6 June 2021), the second in Warsaw (1-4 October 2021). The organisers will cover accommodation and one meal per day. Participants will be responsible for their own traveling arrangements.

There will also be a possibility for at least one participating artist to take part in an international dance laboratory which will take place in Rovereto, Italy, on 8-10 September 2021.

A detailed schedule is available (in Polish) on the IMiT website.

We encourage participants to apply for all workshops. However, there is a possibility to apply for only one laboratory.

Application form (in Polish) is available here:

Participation in the programme is free of charge. Deadline for applications is 25 April 2021.