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Who would like to have international teaching qualifications?
Wednesday 04 February 2015 -
16:00 to 17:00

Join our free webinar for teachers on "How to Gain International Teaching Qualifications".

This webinar is for those people who are interested in becoming English as a Foreign Language teachers and for those who have already started out on their career. You will find out how you can open up a whole world of exciting English language teaching opportunities at home or abroad. There will be discussions on the  potential paths that a teacher can take, looking at the advantages of the different qualifications that are available, such as CELTA, DELTA or the Southampton University MA in English Language Teaching. 

The webinar will be in English.

Presenter: Simon Pounder

Simon is originally from England and has worked as a teacher and trainer in England, the Czech Republic and Italy. He has worked at the British Council since 1998. As a CELTA tutor and a CELTA YL tutor and a local DELTA tutor Simon has wide experience in the teacher training field.

Webinar FAQs

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar.

How long do webinars usually last?

Webinars typically last around 60 minutes.

How do I join?

Joining is easy, all you need to do is register. Participation is free. 

How do I know I can access the webinar from my computer?

We use Adobe Connect to host our webinars. If you have never attended an Adobe Connect event and would like to find out more and test your connection, use the links below:

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Can I speak to the presenter?

At the moment no. You can submit your questions and comments by typing them into the chat window

Can I get a certificate?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide certificates for attending webinars.

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