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I took the IELTS test to meet the English language requirements of the foreign university I was applying to. I chose it because from what I had heard, IELTS had the most intelligible format of all the English language exams and sitting it seemed to be un-stressful. And it was just as I was told. During the exam everything was conducted very well and it proved that the British Council as an institution treats their customers seriously and professionally.  
Luiza Kobylecka

I took the IELTS exam and achieved overall score 6.5, what helped me with my application to the British universities. Thanks to IELTS and the Matura exam, I have unconditional offers from the University of Bristol and the University of Glasgow to study the 'Economics and Philosophy' undergraduate course. I am going to study at the University of Bristol, which is one of the best universities in the UK and worldwide. The test was interesting and not as stressful as I thought, because people working in British Council were very helpful and kind. Having the IELTS certificate, you can study in the UK, USA or other English speaking countries; it brings also many possibilities in Poland. If you dream about studying abroad, you should definitely take IELTS. IELTS, unlike some other exams, is suitable for every university, therefore taking it, you are sure that it is all you need to prove your English language skills. 
Szymon Kozieł

The British Council has been organising the YLE tests in our schools for a few years now, always at the end of English courses for children. We value the YLE tests because they motivate our students to learn English and they assess all the language skills in accordance with international standards.
Alicja Gluzińska, Director of the EuroInvest in Warsaw

I would like to say thank you to the British Council for a very well organised exam that my son took part in, and for the detailed information I received from the British Council exam centre, both before and after the exam.
Izabela Huk-Malinowska