Monday 23 September 2019 to Thursday 11 June 2020

The sessions will take place twice a month, on Thursdays at 21.00. In the first semester of the 2019/2020 school year, our experienced presenters will share their knowledge and experiene in the following cycles:

  • Addvantage Programme's Partners - specialists from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English will talk about changes in popular exams,
  • Expert at the British Council - guests will focus on such matters as bilingualisms,
  • Examination Thursday - presenters will share their favourite methods of teaching and preparation for examinations;

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Sit comfortably in your armchair. Take part in the webinar and let yourself be inspired!

Webinar Schedule

Date Subject Presenter Link

12/12/2019, 21.00

Examination Thursday

 IELTS: Useful on-line materials

Last year, around the world, 3.5 million candidates chose IELTS. How to help students prepare for it? During the webinar, we will present our selection of educational materials that will help prepare students for the test

Piotr Pluskota

To be published soon

2/01/2020, 21.00

Addvantage Programme's Partners

Helping learners to win a writing sprint race

Finishing Writing part in 80 or 90 minutes, adjusting the style of expression to the potential reader, taking care of the form, tone, and logic of the statement - it all sounds like a real challenge. Andrzej Raczkowski will discuss the requirements required for candidates in the context of exam tasks and criteria. Participants will also learn good practices that they can use in their class.


Andrzej Raczkowski

Cambridge Assessment English

To be published soon

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