Cambridge Qualifications: Advanced (CAE)

C1 Advanced is a general English qualification which shows that your English is of a standard expected of a professional business person or an undergraduate university student.

Level of qualification: Advanced = C1 on the Common European Framework.

Who should take this exam?

You should take C1 Advanced if you want to prove to employers or universities that you can communicate confidently in English in professional and high-level academic situations.

C1 Advanced is one of the most popular English tests in the world:

  • It is accepted by more than 6000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world
  • It is recognized by the best employers: Adidas, Millennium Bank, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard Poland, KPMG, Siemens sp. z o.o. and many more
  • It grants exemption from lectures and final English language exams at the universities in Poland and allows participation in exchange programmes between universities
  • Combined with the appropriate pedagogical training, it gives the right to teach English in primary schools, middle schools and high schools in Poland
  • It is recognised by the Civil Service Office as a confirmation of language qualifications required from Polish civil servants
  • It is recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a confirmation of language qualifications required to obtain a diplomatic rank
  • It is recognised by the Ministry of National Education as a confirmation of language qualifications of tour guides and tour leaders
  • It is accepted by over 3,000 universities, colleges, employers and government departments around the world. The C1 Advanced certificate can be used to apply for:
       • admission to nearly every university and college in the UK
       • up to 70 additional UCAS Tariff points towards your UK college or university application
       • admission to Australian universities, colleges and TAFE institutes
       • an Australian student visa
       • admission to universities and colleges in the USA and Canada.

Check full list of organisations recognising C1 Advanced exam.

How does the exam process work?

How does the exam process work?

 C1 Advanced exam consists of 4 parts.  You will complete papers Reading and Use of English, Writing and Listening on the same day. The Speaking may be on a different day. You do the speaking with two examiners and one other candidate.

Time allowed   1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 40 minutes 15 minutes per pair of candidates
Marks (% of total) 40%   20%   20%   20%

To take the exam you should be able to:

  • write complex reports and emails, and take notes in meetings or lectures
  • give presentations on complicated ideas in English
  • understand a variety of texts, from fiction to newspaper opinion pieces.

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