Wyniki z egzaminów Cambridge Qualifications

Cambridge English Qualifications exams results

Paper-based exam results are available between four and six weeks after the written exam date. Computer-based exam results in two weeks after you take the exam. 

Grade statistics are available here.

Individual candidates

Candidates taking Cambridge English exams (except YLE) now have direct access to their results via the Cambridge English Online Results Service. Each candidate's personal timetable will include login details and candidates will also receive an e-mail notifying them that the results release period has begun. Please note that candidates must retain their timetables until they have received their results.

Cambridge English Preparation Centres

All Preparation Centres which prepare students towards Cambridge English Qualifications will receive access to the results of their candidates on Cambridge English site for Preparation Centres. Logging details are sent to institutions via e-mail. Candidates who are registered by Preparation Centres, will receive an individual access to their results on Cambridge English Online Results Service.


If you have passed your exam, your certificate will be sent to your British Council examination centre approximately two months after your results are released.

If you registered as an individual candidate, you can collect your certificate from the British Council examination centre in person or by an authorised person, or it could be sent to you by post or a courier at your expense. Before the certificate is sent you must fill in the appropriate request.

If you registered through your school or a Preparation Centre, you can collect your certificate from the British Council examination centre in person or authorise a representative of your school to collect it on your behalf.

Certificates from Cambridge English Qualifications designed for young learners (YLE)

Everyone who completes their Cambridge English Qualifications test (YLE) will receive an award from the Cambridge University Press & Assessment within approximately 6-8 weeks.

The YLE certificates show your performance in each part of the test – Listening, Reading and Writing and Speaking. For each part of the test you receive one or more Cambridge shields (up to a maximum of five), with a possible total of 15 shields for the whole test.

New Cambridge English scale

From January 2015, Cambridge University Press & Assessment has started using a new way of reporting results for their exams - the Cambridge English Qualifications Scale. It replaces the current candidate profile and standardised scores. Grades (A, B, C) and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels will be retained.

The new scores provide you with more detailed information about your exam performance in each of the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and in Use of English. These scores also make clear the alignment of Cambridge Qualifications exams with each other, and with the CEFR.

Exam results will be reported on the Cambridge English Qualifications Scale for sessions held after the following dates:

  • From January 2015 – B2 First (FCE), B2 First for Schools (FCE for Schools), C1 Advanced (CAE) i C2 Proficiency (CPE);
  • From August 2015 – A2 Key (KET), A2 Key for Schools (KET for Schools), B1 Preliminary (PET) i B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools);
  • From September 2015 – Cambridge English Qualifications dedicated for business purposes.

More information about the Cambridge English Qualifications Scale can be found at Cambridge University Press & Assessment website.

Extended certification

Extended Certification, which gives more information on a candidate’s language skills presented against the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), was introduced by Cambridge University Press & Assessment in March 2011. From January 2015 it is also a part of a new Cambridge English Qualifications scale.


For further information and sample Statements of Results:

Results Verification Service

The Results Verification Service helps organisations, individuals and agencies to validate candidates' Cambridge English Qualifications examination results gathered from 2005 inclusively.

The service is free of charge and available online.

Anyone can use it once they have been given permission to verify a result by the certificate holder. 

Results enquiries

If you wish to check the accuracy of your result, you can query it. Cambridge University Press & Assessment offers a possibility to re-check your result and re-mark you exam. If you want to query your result, you can do it via the British Council in Poland, by filling out a Request for Results Enquiry form (Downloads section below). This is a chargeable service but if your enquiry leads to a change of your grade, you will receive a full reimbursement of the enquiry fee. 

Results Enquiry Procedure has two stages:

Stage What is the enquiry process? How long does it take? What does it cost?
Stage 1 A clerical re-check Approximately 5 days

150 PLN 

Stage 2 A re-mark of all written papers* Approximately 5 weeks**




*Please note that this process does not apply to any Speaking test component.

**You can request the 2nd stage of the results enquiry after having completed the 1st stage.

Lost or damaged certificate

Where a certificate is damaged, Cambridge University Press & Assessment will only issue a duplicate copy under the following conditions that the original certificate is returned. Please contact your examination centre.

Candidates who lost their certificate may only apply for a certifying statement; a duplicate will not be issued. You need to contact Cambridge University Press & Assessment directly. A certifying statement is a document accepted by universities and other institutions as a proof of your examination results. 

For the details follow the instructions on http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/help/lost-certificates/ 

 Note: certificate duplicates and certifying statements can only be issued with the name that appeared on the original certificate. 


Name errors on certificates

If your name is spelt incorrectly (spelling mistake or word order) on the certificate, please contact us. A new certificate will be issued free of charge if your request is made no later than six months after the certificate has been issued. There is a charge for any amendments requested more than six months after the certificates have been issued.

No requests will be accepted if more than two years have passed since the certificates’ issue date.