what is leadership for headteachers?

The leadership programme for head teachers and senior educators, developed under Connecting Classrooms project, focuses on developing essential leadership skills, while, uniquely, applying these skills to the context of embedding an international dimension in the curriculum and ethos of a school. Through training, exchanges and benchmarking, the programme encourages educators to fine-tune their professional skills and practices for the benefit for all.

target audience

  • Head-teachers and school mid-level leaders
  • Senior leaders in the Education Authorities and Education Colleges/Institutes

training programme

Training programmes are built combining different modules from the list below:

Leading and managing and leadership styles Managing change
Building teams Building a great culture
Creating and communicating a vision Leadership and time management
Leading effective teaching and learning Leading on happiness and well-being in schools
The power of coaching Goal setting for success
Developing staff (CPD) and distributed leadership Understanding staff motivation
The benefits of the international dimension Leading on effective behavior management
The International Leader Analysis (ILA) in detail The International Teacher Analysis (ITA) in detail
Planning, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing and self-evaluation Student leadership
Community engagement Leading inclusive schools
Pupil voice  Protecting children in your school