Over 400 trainees have successfully completed CELTA courses in Krakow and Warsaw. These internationally recognised teaching qualifications have been gained by them after weeks of intensive training prepared and developed by our CELTA trainers. Read what our past trainees had to say. 

CELTA courses

"Tutors were the highlight of the course. Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and infinitely patient. The school resources were brilliant! Everything we needed was available. The input sessions were really well-ordered, the hand-outs were brilliant and the teaching was engaging. A really valuable experience."  
Ben Francis, UK

“All the tutors were extremely supportive! All (input) sessions were well-planned and conducted – great. All useful. Intensive and demanding – I’m happy that I dedicated my time and energy to completing the course." 
Aleksandra Śmietana, Poland

"The written feedback was very valuable, supportive and constructive, and helpful for preparing the next lesson. The course overall is a really good start for someone wanting to be an English teacher – I’ve learnt a lot!" 
Kasia Kucharska, Poland

"It’s the students, the tutors and my fellow teachers that made the course memorable for me! It was always going to challenge me, knew that. Do as much pre-course reading as you can." 
Andy Webb, Australia

“I could observe my progress clearly. It was very intensive, but I was expecting it. I now feel I’ve achieved something. I would definitely recommend it, British Council, Kraków and its tutors." 
Gozde Ozgen, Turkey

“Overall a really brilliant course with exemplary tutors. An unforgettable learning experience.” 
Michela Doyle, Ireland

"Our instructors in Warsaw were not only incredible people with a wealth of knowledge, but were also tough and honest in their feedback so that we were encouraged to improve our teaching practice.  The CELTA structure was quite challenging, but rewarding.  Warsaw was also an excellent choice in terms of location. The city is beautiful, loaded with history, and the people are amazingly friendly. I hope to rejoin the Warsaw team in future for DELTA.”
Evan Sonnenberg, USA

"Quite brilliant. Extraordinarily well-structured and clearly designed, not simply to guide students through the CELTA process, but to deliver a comprehensive understanding of best TEFL practice and learning management." 
Simon Cordall , UK

“BC Kraków is a fantastic place to do the CELTA course! Encouraging and motivating environment. Great tutors! SUPERB location! Striking views! On the Main Square! Loved it!”
Robert Wolff, UK

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